As the incontinence industry becomes bigger and bigger, we see a lot more consumers embracing these products and treating their incontinence more effectively. However, since so many consumers are buying this kind of products now, it is understandable that many of them are going to make a few mistakes here and there, that’s where It can be tough figuring out what to wear, what products are worth getting and what will work in certain situations. We have a few tips to help those who are just starting to use incontinence products, so that they can make the right decision.

Don’t Use Menstrual Pads

While it may seem like menstrual pads would be the perfect choice for dealing with incontinence and they won’t require an additional purchase for women, they are not the right thing to use to deal with this problem. These kinds of pads are not intended to absorb leaking urine, and they simply can’t handle most people’s incontinence. You want to use products that are designed for this issue and not some substitute. There are plenty of options available, so there is no shortage of choices that should be right for you.

Find the Right Absorbency Level

Not everyone leaks as much as the next person. Some people have bowel movements while wearing incontinence products. Others have constant urination through the day to deal with. You need to know what your situation is and what kind of nappy would work best for you. You can’t just buy whatever you first see and hope that it will work out for you. You may end up regretting your decision and having to deal with a box of adult nappies that just aren’t made for you. Take your time and choose a product that fits you well and that offers the level of absorbency that you need. That way, you’ll be far more comfortable, and you’ll save money over time.

Consider Shopping from Home

A lot of people get embarrassed when they first start buying incontinence pads or adult nappies in their local grocery or pharmacy. These are products they may not be used to buying and that they don’t want anyone to know they use. It can often be far more discreet and convenient to just order these online and have them delivered straight to their door. Doing this means that they can order exactly what they want and not worry that they got the wrong product. Many people will just rush through the incontinence section of their store and pick out something quickly so that they don’t spend too much time looking at the options. If they shop online for these,however, then they don’t have to run the risk of picking out something too quickly and not getting the right thing.

There Isn’t One Product that WorksBest for Each Situation

You may find that the incontinence pads you use during the day and that provide you comfort then are not as effective or comfortable at night. They may also not work as well when you are out walking or jogging, and they may move around too much or be too obvious. You may begin to realise that there isn’t just one perfect product that works well in every situation.

The more often you use these adult nappies and the more of them you try out, the more you will realise that certain ones work well in certain situations. You may have a favourite to use during the day, but you might benefit from something else in the evening or when you are out and about. Do some experimenting and ask around and see what product works well for you in each situation.

While this may leave you with a few packages of adult nappies in the house, it can be worth it for your comfort.

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